Spectra Quest Lab Inc.

Our product line for precision spectroscopy
Spectra Quest Labs, Inc. was established in 2013 with the main business of manufacturing and selling high-performance tunable lasers developed based on a proprietary external cavity technology patented by the founder in 2010 (US9042422B2). Since its establishment, in addition to the above-mentioned ASE-Free, mode-hop-free high-power wavelength tunable lasers and Lambda-Master, Lambda-Amp, a high-power, broadband semiconductor optical amplifier, Lambda-Impulse, a narrow-linewidth ns/ps pulse laser, and a Lambda-Nova, fiber amplifier with amplified gain bands such as the 900nm band and the entire 1um band, We develop a variety of proprietary products.

- Lasers -

Tunable Lasers

Our uniquely designed external cavity plovids wide-band mode-hop-free tuning with a narrow linewidth and high spectral purity (ASE-Free). The Lambda-Master series is suitable for precision spectroscopic measurements due to its high stability and high wavelength resolution, and the Lambda-Rapid series is characterized by its high speed and high repetition rate.

Stabilized Lasers

- Optical Amplifiers -


Our SOAs are capable of coupling to PM-Fiber with up to 1W-class free-space output power in the 900nm and 1um bands. Like tapered amplifiers, there is no beam shape change due to modulation of the applied current or wavelength change. Therefore, fiber coupling efficiency is not compromised by MHz modulation or ns-level pulse current drive, not to mention tunable lasers.

Fiber Amp

Our fiber amplifiers have a unique amplification bandwidth of 900-930nm, 980nm-1100nm, and can operate from a single shot in pulse amplification as well as CW, and can output giant pulses of up to kW class.