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Spectra Quest Lab, Inc. was founded April 1 2013 in Chiba-univerrsity Inohana Inovation Plaza to develp and sale advanced tunable diode lasers for spectroscopy.

Our first product ”λ-Master 1040” is a high-power and widely tunable diode laser, which was developped in Chiba university uder the support of JST Sentan in cooperation with Optoenergy Inc., a high power laser diode company, and Ohima Prototype Engineering Co., a company for high precision maschine. ”λ-Master 1040” enables ASE-free (low noise) operation and a wide mode-hop-free operation, simultaneously, based on a novel exteranal cavity design, parented in US-9042422-B2.

Spectra Quest Lab, Inc. also launches a new product ”λ-Amp 1040” , which is a wide-band semiconductor optical amplifier in the 1um wavelength region. By seeding with ”λ-Master 1040”, ”λ-Amp 1040” provides 1W amplified output over 100nm wavelength region. In contrast to conventional flared taper amplifier, ”λ-Amp 1040” has a stable optput beam with a good mode quality. So, a stable and higher-efficiency fiber coupling and auto-power-control operation against the wavelength are realized.

Spectra Quest Lab, Inc. plan to launch ”λ-Master 950” and ”λ-Amp 950” , similar tubable laser and optical amplifier in the 900nm wavelength region.

Spectra Quest Lab, Inc. is continuously challenging to provide new spectroscopy platform based on semiconductor laser technology.
We hope to receive your continuous support.


  • New-We are going to participate in CLEO exhibition: 15 - 17 May 2018 held in San Jose Convention Center, US. booth # 1627, Map
  • 1um-band tunable diode laser , ”λ-Master 1040” is start to sale. __________April 1 2014
  • 1um-band optical amplifier, ”λ-Amp 1040” is start to sale. _______________Jan. 1 2015
  • SQL has an Exhibition booth, #5038 in Photonic West 2016 (San Francisco) and presents a technical paper, SPIE 9747-42 "Coherent THz light source based on photo-mixing with a UTC-PD and ASE-free tunable diode lasers"


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